Professionalisation Scheme


The Wellness Professionalisation Scheme is intended to create a strong, dynamic and innovative group of professionals to champion the various initiatives in Singapore and the Region. Upon acceptance, Complementary Wellness Professionals will be awarded a certificate of recognition and be included to drive new initiatives in the areas of Complementary Wellness and drive professional excellence.

健康专业化计划旨在创建一个强大,充满活力和创新的专业团队,以支持新加坡和该地区的各种举措. 接受后,国际康养协会人员将获得认可证书,并被纳入推动康养领域的新举措。

Qualification Criteria



To qualify, you will need to have the following:

  • Relevant professional qualification in Complementary Therapies
  • Minimum 1,000 hours of professional work activities in the last 24-month period
  • Be currently engaged in professional work relating to Wellness Therapy


  • 康养疗法的相关专业资格
  • 过去24个月内至少1,000小时的专业工作活动
  • 目前从事与康养疗法有关的专业工作



Upon qualification you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Exclusive listing in our website as an industry professional.
  • Exclusive invitation to CWA International events (e.g. study trips, industry visits)
  • Exclusive invitation to participate in local engagments relating to complementary wellness.
  • Business and networking opportunities relating to complementary wellness.


  • 在我们的网站上独家上市。
  • 国际康养协会活动的独家邀请(例如考察旅行,行业参观)
  • 独家邀请参加与补充健康有关的当地活动。
  • 与康养相关的商业和交流机会。
Professional Membership 专业会员

This Category is open to all practitioners who are 18 years of age and with professional qualifications in the holistic, complementary health, wellness and beauty industries. ​ 此类别面向所有年龄在18岁且具有整体,互补的健康, 保健和美容 行业专业资格的从业者。

Honorary Membership 荣誉会员

This Category is open to any individual or any registered business who is primarily associated with or having an interest in complementary wellness and its modalities. 本类别适用于主要与康养及其方式相关 或有兴趣的任何个人或任何注册企业。

Corporate Membership 企业会员

This Category is open to any company or corporation whose profession business or interests are in the opinion of the Executive Committee likely to promote the advancement or benefit the federation. 本类别对任何公司或公司开放,其执行委员会认为其专业业务或利益可能促进联合会的进步或使联合会受益。

Register Your Interest 注册兴趣

If you are interested in being a part of CWA (International), please register your interest here.